Q: How many residential properties in the Village do not have access to Miami-Dade County's potable water system?

A: 720 properties(PDF, 952KB). In addition, the Village-wide fire hydrant system will be completed with the installation of approximately 191 hydrants.

Q: Does the Village of Pinecrest operate a water utility? Will it derive revenue from this project?

A: No. Water service is provided by Miami-Dade County's Water and Sewer Department. Once construction of the project is completed, the infrastructure will become property of Miami-Dade County. The Village of Pinecrest will not derive any revenue from this project.

Q: What is the cost of project?

A: The total approximate cost is $11.3 million subject to final bid numbers.

Q: Who will pay for the project?

A: The project will be paid in part with funding to the Village from the American Rescue Plan recently signed into law by President Biden, $500,000 from Miami-Dade County's 2004 General Obligation Fund and revenues collected from a special assessment on the affected properties that will derive a special benefit from the project.

Q: What projects are eligible for American Rescue Plan monies?

A: Please visit this link for information about the American Rescue Plan.

Q: How long will it take to complete the project?

A: Construction will last approximately one year.

Q: What is the approximately cost of the annual assessment to each property owner?

A: The annual cost to each property is estimated to be $359 per year for 25 years

Q: Do I have to pay it over the 25 years or is there a pre-payment option?

A: The prepayment option is estimated to be a total $5,556. Should the assessment be implemented, property owners would have approximately one year to avail themselves of the pre-payment option.

Q: Once the project is completed, will property owners have to connect/hook-up to the water system?

A: Affected property owners must connect to the water system within 10 years(PDF, 3MB) of the water line being activated. After 10 years, individual property owners may seek from Miami Dade County's Environmental Quality Control Board (EQCB) an additional extension or variance from the requirement to connect to the system.

Q: What happens regarding the special assessment if I sell my property?

A: If you sell your home, the new owner will assume the responsibility of paying the annual assessment. The sale of a property will also require the new owner to construct the service line from the meter to the home within 90 days from the purchase of the property.

Q: How is this solution different than the one proposed in the 2019 water referendum?

A: The Village conducted a mail ballot election in 2019 that asked voters to approve completion of the water system and pay for the project with an ad valorem (property) tax on all properties in Pinecrest. That measure was not approved by the voters. The current proposal will not assess a Village-wide property tax. Only the 700+ affected properties without water access will be part of a proposed special assessment district needed to finance the balance of the project cost. Most of the project's costs will be paid with monies from the American Rescue Plan.

Q: Are there additional costs to affected property owners aside from the annual special assessment fee?

A: Once a property owner decides to connect to the water system, each affected property will be responsible for one-time connection costs which are estimated at about $2,500-5,000. Consult a licensed plumber as each property is different.