Right-of-Way & Utility Easements

Information About Village Right-of-Ways and Utility Easements

  • You must obtain a permit from the Pinecrest Public Works Department to place anything in the public right-of-way adjacent to the street including landscaping, sprinklers and lighting. Contact the department at 305.669.6916 for more information.
  • If you live adjacent to a canal, you are supposed to keep land adjacent to the canal embankment clear of trees, shrubs, fences and other encroaching objects such as sheds, decks or gazebos. While the South Florida Water Management District may allow some structures specifically for play equipment or entertaining, said structures and amenities must be permitted. Contact the Permitting Section of the South Florida Water Management District at 561.686.8800 for more information.
  • If there is a Florida Power and Light easement on your property, the utility has the right to clear the land and keep it cleared of all trees, undergrowth and other obstructions within the easement area and the right to trim and cut all limbs or trees outside of the easement area which might interfere with or fall upon the lines or systems. To minimize the disturbance on your property, you should strive to keep any utility easements free of landscaping or other structures. For more information, please visit FPL's web site.