2024 Community Feedback Results


The Village administered the 2024 Community Feedback Survey(PDF, 3MB) during January and February 2024 to help identify the needs, priorities, and concerns of its residents. This information is valuable because it allows the Village Council and staff to address community needs. The survey provided a platform for residents to share their opinions, experiences, and feedback on various aspects of community life, such as public services, infrastructure, safety, and recreational activities. Its results offer data-driven insights that can inform decision-making processes at the local level, including the allocation of resources, planning of projects, formulation of policies, and improvement of services. 

Pinecrest is dedicated to engaging with and involving residents in the decision-making process, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment among community members. This commitment leads to increased participation in local initiatives and activities. The Community Feedback Survey is key in assessing resident satisfaction with existing services and programs. Furthermore, it provides benchmarks for evaluating performance and tracking improvements or identifying areas needing attention over time. View the results.  

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