Pinecrest Composting Program


Pinecrest launched a composting program. Save your food waste and drop it off at Pinecrest composting bins located between the Pinecrest Community Center and Pinecrest Gardens, right near the cottage - just look for the signs in the parking lot. You can drop off your waste seven days a week. 


Sundays are a special day for composting. You can drop off your food waste and enjoy the farmers market just outside of Pinecrest Gardens. The market was voted the 2023 Best Farmers Market by the Miami New Times. 


Fact: Food waste in landfills produces large amounts of greenhouse gases. Composting is the process of converting food waste into a valuable soil amendment, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions.


Fact: The composting program in Pinecrest not only helps reduce greenhouse gases but also promotes sustainable waste management.


Fact: Food waste composting enriches the soil with essential nutrients, leading to healthier and more sustainable agriculture.


Fact: By participating in the Pinecrest composting program, residents can actively contribute to reducing landfill waste and its harmful environmental impacts.


Remember, composting is a simple but effective way to make a positive impact on the environment and create a greener future for our community. So, save your food waste, drop it off at the composting bins, and be a part of this green initiative. By combining composting efforts with enjoyable community activities like the farmers market, Pinecrest is fostering a culture of sustainability and environmental consciousness among its residents.