Report Illegal Tree Cutting

To request an inspection of your tree(s) or to report a suspected violation, please contact the building and planning department via email or call 205.234.2121 or report it via the MyPinecrest App under the Code Compliance tab. 

 Tree Pruning
- A permit is required to trim or prune trees adjacent to Pinecrest Parkway (US 1) or anywhere within the Village’s commercial zoning districts.
- In residential areas, a tree trimming permit is not required, but trees must be properly trimmed in accordance with ANSI A300 second edition tree care standards to avoid fines
- Property owners will be required to replace canopy lost by improper pruning.
- Improper tree trimming is also known as “hat racking” is when a tree has been flat-cut, or simply when any branch three inches or greater is removed. 
- It is illegal to hat rack a tree. 
- No more than one-fourth of a tree’s living canopy may be removed within a one-year period. Hire a qualified and registered arborist or landscaper, when trimming trees