Youth Programs

Super Soccer Stars

Ages 2 to 10
Coral Pine Park
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Super Soccer Stars’ goal is to teach soccer skills in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment. Weekly classes follow the philosophy of using soccer to nurture, build self-confidence, and develop teamwork skills. Super Soccer Stars' curriculum employs positive reinforcement and a low child-to-coach ratio to ensure that each child improves at their own pace while having fun. For a complete list of soccer classes and sessions, visit the Super Soccer Stars website here.

David Ensignia Tennis Academy Programs

All ages
Coral Pine Park
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The David Ensignia Tennis Academy (DETA) is designed to meet each tennis player's optimal potential.  Understanding the current stages in a player's tennis career, The David Ensignia Tennis Academy has built a program that will successfully take each child's game to the next level and prepare them for the challenges they may face on the road to success.  In order to develop these results, DETA has employed a group of coaches and trained professionals to help athletes develop, both on and off the court. The David Ensignia Tennis Academy focuses on each integral part of the game: technique, endurance, physical training and conditioning, mental strength, and competition.

Piano Lessons

Ages 4 to adults
Pinecrest Community Center
Group Lessons $720 for 18-week sessions- Register for Group Piano Lessons
Individual $180 per month - Register for Individual Piano Lessons 
Keyboard music lessons are offered using the internationally reputed Yamaha Music Education System. Founder and Director Patricia Englehardt, Ph.D., aims to provide quality music education to all ages, nurture young minds, and promote a lifelong love and participation in music.  

Individual Guitar Lessons

All ages - Beginner, Intermediate and Continuing
Pinecrest Community Center
$180 per month - Register for Individual Guitar Lessons
Award-winning guitarist, James Woolwine, brings the guitar to life at the Pinecrest Community Center. Students of all abilities will learn to enhance their guitar skills as they develop a life-long love of the instrument. For more information and a list of James' awards, please visit

Individual Violin Lessons

All ages - Beginner, Intermediate and Continuing
Pinecrest Community Center
$180 per month- Register for Individual Violin Lessons
Private violin lessons by distinguished soloist and ensemble musician, Madison Ryan, are available at the Pinecrest Community Center. Madison has performed across the United States and Western Europe and is an experienced educator and performer, in both orchestral and chamber group ensembles. Madison creates a nurturing and creative environment where students can develop their skills and reach their full musical potential.  Madison has obtained her Master of Music in Violin Performance, and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the University Of Miami Frost School Of Music

Individual Vocal Lessons

All ages
Pinecrest Community Center
$180 per month - Register for Individual Vocal Lessons
SharpMinds Music Academy now offers vocal lessons by Melissa Martinez.  Ms. Martinez has performed roles from several operas including Cendrillon, L'amico Fritz, Otello, and L'enfant et les sortilèges. In the summer of 2019, Melissa competed and won the top prize in the Mirabell Competition as part of the Patti and Allan Herbert Program at Salzburg. As the winner, she was presented in a public concert at the Marble Hall of the Mirabell Palace.

Pinecrest Dance Project

Ages 3 to 16
Pinecrest Community Center
$85 per month - Register for one class per week
$115 per month - Register for two classes per week
$145 per month - Register for three classes per week
$155 per month - Register for four classes per week
$165 per month - Register for five classes per week
For over a decade, Pinecrest Dance Project has offered dance classes in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, flamenco, Acro, and contemporary dance. The diverse class offerings are based on a curriculum specifically designed around the student’s age and skills, so that they may seamlessly integrate and quickly start developing their artistic talents. The classes allow students to develop confidence and self-esteem in an energetic and fun atmosphere.

Feel The Power Chess Academy Tournaments

Ages 3 to adults | $30 per tournament
Evelyn Greer Park
$30 per tournament - Register for a Chess Tournament
Feel the rush of competition in these full-day over-the-board chess tournaments. Feel the Power Chess Academy hosts monthly tournaments at Evelyn Greer Park. These tournaments test your skill and prowess on the chess board as competitors pass round after round to make it to the grand prize. First, second, and third-place prizes are awarded in each division.  Feel The Power Chess Academy is an educational organization, whose mission is to maintain a formal program of instruction to teach the game of chess and to promote and support its educational program through community outreach and local and national partnerships to increase the awareness of the educational value of chess. For more information, please contact Diego Milla at 786.226.5514.

WE Martial Arts

All ages
Evelyn Greer Park
$100 - Register for Starter Membership - One day per week
$120 - Register for Enthusiast Membership - Two days per week
$130 - Register for Curriculum Membership - Three days per week
$160 - Register for High Performance Membership - Four or more days per week

The Young Athlete Olympic Program (YAOP) uses a curriculum developed by Olympic Athletes. The WE Martial Arts Olympic coach assesses young Athletes while they work through a series of levels.  Students’ proficiencies are certified by USATKD, the Olympic national governing body for Taekwondo.

The Open Program (OP) balances traditional martial arts training with modern fitness principles. The OP is designed for kids and adults to enhance self-esteem, build confidence, develop discipline and learn self-defense while strengthening mind and body.

The Kickboxing program includes self-defense, mixed combination of boxing and kicking, as well as conditional, weight, agility, and core training. The objective is to increase core awareness and achieve high performance and coordination while increasing mind and body focus.

Budding Artists Miami - Art Classes

Ages 5 to 11
Pinecrest Community Center
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Children will have the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills while being introduced to basic art concepts. We use a 2-part, discipline-and-choice-based approach to ensure that children are guided within a framework yet given the freedom for responding to their feelings, ideas, and interests through art. Students go through self-discovery and learning from having control over either their subject matter, medium, or approach. They will be introduced to the importance of proportion, the ascetics of symmetry, color theory, and more. The class also includes exposure to various mediums like pastels and watercolors. Visit the Budding Artists Miami website at to get more acquainted with current curriculum.

Budding Artists Miami - Digital Art Classes

Ages 7 to 14
Pinecrest Community Center
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Discover the world of digital art with our engaging classes. In our Digital Art class, students will use their iPads and stylus to explore the exciting realm of digital creativity. They'll learn the fundamentals of digital art by using graphic tablets to create stunning illustrations and animations. Our experienced instructors will guide them through the process of using Adobe Fresco, fostering their creativity and technical skills to create special effects within their drawings and create short animations called GIFS. Students will also learn how to use various tools, like layers, to create dazzling illustrations and short animations to bring their drawings to life. Give your child the opportunity to express their imagination through the digital canvas in a fun and educational environment!

APEM French Program

Ages 4 to 10
Pinecrest Community Center
Register for APEM French Classes - Registration opens mid-August
APEM is offering a French program for French-speaking children ages 4 to 10. Children must understand and communicate verbally in French. All academic materials will be provided by APEM. Students must have their own notebook and pencil case. Materials fee of $70.00 collected by APEM.
Two learning groups are available:
4 to 6 years old: - Games and playful activities. - Basic French reading with syllables and simple sounds. - Listening comprehension using stories. - Songs and visual learning. - Vocabulary expansion. - Immersion in the French and francophone culture. - Socialization.
7 to 10 years old: - French reading with simple and complex sounds. - Basic grammar and conjugation. - Reading comprehension using stories. - Writing simple to complex sentences. - Vocabulary expansion. - Immersion in the French and francophone culture. - Developing critical mind. - Game and playful activities. - DELF Prim preparation (optional).

Music Together

Ages 0 to 5
Pinecrest Community Center
$189 - Register for Music Together
$50 - Required Material Fee due to instructor by the first day of class paid directly to Music Together
Music Together is an internationally recognized parent-child music program for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, ages birth to 5 years and the grown-ups who love them. From babyhood through the early elementary years, Music Together nurtures each child’s natural musicality in a playful, musically rich learning environment. The research-based music classes are designed to be non-formal and non-performance oriented, so your child can learn at his or her own pace, in a way that’s developmentally appropriate. You’re guaranteed to learn new songs and music activities to inspire you to bring music into your family’s everyday life. Classes in Spanish called Canta y Baila are also available.

Grow With Us Experience

Ages 2 to 5
Pinecrest Community Center
$1,150 per month - Register for Grow With Us Experience
The Grow With Us Experience provides child/adult education with many hands-on learning opportunities. The focus is all about social and emotional learning, while strengthening fine/gross motor skills, through play-based developmentally appropriate activities. This one of a kind program is essential for all families who want tools to more effectively handle life. For more information, please visit the Grow With Us Academy website at

Roblox and Minecraft Coding

Ages 8 to 12
Pinecrest Community Center
Roblox | 4 pm to 5:15 pm – Register for Roblox Coding
Minecraft | 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm – Register for Minecraft Coding
ROBLOX or Minecraft coding classes are here!  Help get that spark ignited to build, design, innovate and change the world through the power of programming. The Roblox and Minecraft Coding classes are designed for kids ages 8 to 12 with or without coding experience. Your child will learn how to code in LUA (Roblox coding language) while using our amazing CODE editor and creating Roblox and Minecraft mini-games. Kids will join once a week for 75 minutes. Progress reports and self-study coding time after each class is also included to keep learning from home. Laptops and materials are provided.

Code/Art Creative Coding Club for Girls

Grades 3 to 8
Pinecrest Community Center
$75 per month - Register for Coding for Girls
This fun, social, and creative coding club for girls in grades 3 to 6 is perfect for anyone who wants to learn computer programming with their peers. Using Code/Art’s art-infused curriculum, club members learn to code animations, games, and their own artistic creations! More advanced levels also code mobile apps and web pages. Girls will be placed into levels based on age and coding experience. No prior coding experience is needed. Girls will need to bring a laptop to each class. Code/Art has a limited number of laptops available on a first-come, first-served basis.  To request a laptop, email  Laptop requests must be made prior to the start of the class.

Crayola Imagine Arts Academy

Ages 5 to 12
Pinecrest Community Center
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Crayola Imagine Arts Academy of Miami is an exciting new concept that combines critical-thinking with real world application through traditional art techniques.
Wild World - Kids explore the wonder of the animal kingdom and discover nature in a way that inspires empathy, curiosity, and creativity. They learn about many different animals and how wildlife conservationists are working to protect species around the globe. They experiment with art techniques and use Crayola art materials to create frog paintings, ink-diffusion jellyfish, polar bear sculptures, and more!

Snapology - Build Confidence with Hands-on Learning

Ages 4 to 14
Pinecrest Community Center
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Snapology is the #1 awarded STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) enrichment partner in South Florida.  Snapology's mission is to bring access to STEAM activities to every child in South Florida. Snapology offers year-round programs for a fun, hands-on, and interactive learning experience for youth. Children are most engaged through play, our activities offer youth an environment where they are encouraged to invent and design with familiar materials and technology.  This allows their creativity to flourish and enables them to explore through hands-on "playful" learning while acquiring 21st century skills. Participants will work in pairs on an interactive station-based activity consisting primarily of LEGO bricks and tech materials, K'nex engineering sets, robotics KITS, laptops, iPods, tablets and other tools to create theme based builds. While the children are having fun in our classes, they don't even realize they're learning STEM/STEAM concepts. Shhh, don't tell them it's educational. Our programs are sure to spark their engineering interests.

Drone Coding Labs

Ages 8 to 12
Pinecrest Community Center
$150 per month - Register for Drone Coding Labs
The CoDrone Mini is a tiny and zippy mini drone that can be programmed with blocks using Blockly with Python coding. This innovative program aims to teach kids ages 8+ how to program and fly drones in a safe and fun 90-minute weekly classes!