Youth Advisory Council

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Applications for the 2024-25 school year will be available: 

Monday, May 13 - Sunday, June 16th at 11:59 p.m.

Pinecrest's Youth Advisory Council (YAC) was established in 2009.  The YACs purpose is to provide an opportunity for the youth of our community to participate and voice their concerns regarding local issues, learn about the workings of local government - including the different departments, participate in community service, to develop presentation skills including participation in Village Council meetings, and to learn leadership and life skills.

The YAC is comprised of 24 students that are selected annually.  The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) shall have the following responsibilities: 

  • Review issues affecting the village; 

  • Increase volunteerism and enhance civic education;

  • Promote leadership and advocacy for youth issues;

  • Develop and perform at least one community service project per academic year;  and

  • Share ideas, issues, concerns, and suggested improvements with the Village Council.


Who oversees the program?

The program is run by the Village of Pinecrest, specifically:

What are the requirements for applying to the program?

Applicants must:

  • live in Pinecrest

  • be a rising 8th - 11th grader (returning 12th graders may apply)

  • submit a completed application by submission deadline

  • have an interest in making Pinecrest a better place through community service, feedback and interactions

  • want to learn more about how our local government functions

How long is the program?

The term of the program is one year, beginning in August. There are no activities over the summer. Students may re-apply every year until they graduate high school.

Is there a cost for the program?

There is no application fee nor a program fee. The program is funded by the Village of Pinecrest.

What is the application process?

Applications are available during Spring and must be submitted by the deadline. You will also need to submit the Parent Permission Form and a Letter of Recommendation Form completed by an adult not related to you. This should be someone who knows you well such as a teacher, counselor, or religious leader.

Is it difficult to get into the program?

It depends on the applicant pool for that year. The following conditions affect the acceptance rate:

  • How many returning students in good-standing apply

  • How many students from the previous year graduated

  • How many new, qualified applicants there are

Please note that it is extremely unlikely that all applicants will be accepted. We appreciate your understanding. Chosen students will be determined by a Committee made up of Village of Pinecrest Staff and announced during the July Council meeting.

How many meetings are there per year? Are they mandatory?

There is a meeting every month from August to May, generally on the 2nd Friday from 4:30-5:30 p.m. If that date is affected by the school calendar or scheduled Village event, then it likely will be another Friday afternoon of the month.

Members are expected to attend as many meetings as possible. Any member who misses two unexcused or three excused YAC meetings may be removed and their position will become vacant. Pre-arranged absences are not counted as unexcused, however the member must contact Councilmember Abbott or Assistant Village Clerk Tobias before the meeting. In addition, members are also required to attend one Village Council regular meeting (of their choice) for a minimum of 2 hours.

How much community service is required?

Students are given a community service log and are responsible for completing it by the final meeting. YAC members must complete 20 hours (or 20 “points”) of Pinecrest Village community service including participation in Village events. There are many events throughout the year that members can choose from to fulfill this responsibility.

Public schools will likely accept YAC community service hours if they are required for a class or club. Private school students will need to check with their school regarding their specific rules.

Are there any Elected Officials in YAC?

Yes. YAC Officers are elected (Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary) at the final meeting of the year in May, for the following school year. Current YAC members in good-standing may apply for Officer positions.