The Village of Pinecrest utilizes the electronic solicitation platform DemandStar to provide current bid information, including automated bid solicitation notifications.  

All solicitations will be released electronically via DemandStar. 

Participation in the system is not a requirement for doing business with the Village of Pinecrest. However, by choosing to subscribe with, you will receive automatic notification of all bid and quote opportunities as offered by the Village and other participating public purchasing entities. 

Responses to solicitations could be submitted electronically using the same platform OR if you prefer not to subscribe to the services offered by, you can download ITB and RFP specifications from for free, simply Register with DemandStar and select the Village of Pinecrest as your Free Agency Registration.  

The Village of Pinecrest will not email notifications concerning posting, amendment or close of solicitations. Vendors are responsible to check DemandStar for information and updates concerning solicitations. It shall be the responsibility of each bidder, during and prior to bid submittal to determine if any addenda have been issued and to obtain such addenda.

You are invited to contact us at for procurement-related questions and to receive information on how to do business with the city.  
*Please note: Procurement staff cannot address questions concerning an active Bid or Request for Proposal.

Disclaimer: DemandStar is an independent entity and is not an agent or representative of the Village. Communications to DemandStar does not constitute communications to the Village.  The Village is not responsible for errors and omissions occurring in the transmission or download of any documents from this website. Vendors who obtain solicitations from a source other than DemandStar are cautioned that the information may be incomplete.


How to Register in DemandStar

  • Go to

  • Create an Account with DemandStar

  • Choose your Free Agency.- Type in the name of the government agency 'Village of Pinecrest"  in the Search Box. Select the Village of Pinecrest clicking on the radio button and click Next

  • To Check out with your FREE AGENCY Registration click “Skip Commodity Codes” and "Continue without adding subscriptions" on the page where it gives you options.

  • Complete your profile information 

  • After the registration, click the button in the confirmation email DemandStar will send you to set your password and finish setting up your account.


How to respond to an electronic bid on DemandStar

  • Visit the Village of Pinecrest Current Bids Page

  • Click on the solicitation name

  • Once you are in the solicitation, you will see the Bid Details page that is standard for all solicitations

  • When you are ready to submit your bid, click on “Submit E-Bid Proposal”

  • Enter information requested pageby-page and you can see what will come next via the menu bar on the left under “E-Bid Progress”. If there is not a total bid amount in your submission, please put “0”

  • After you click NEXT on the Contact Information page, you will be directed to enter the documents required. TIP: There is a place for you to add “Supplemental”, i.e. non-required, documents.

  • Review Your E-Bid Response, and if everything is correct, then press “Submit Response” and You are done! .
    After this step, the Village of Pinecrest will be able to download your responses and documents and see the day and time upon which you submitted your proposal.

How to respond to a bid by Mail

  • Visit the Village of Pinecrest Current Bids Page

  • Click on the solicitation name

  • Once you are in the solicitation, download the Bid Package

  • Submit the complete proposal in an opaque envelope and clearly marked with the Bidder's Name and "Sealed Bid Name and Project Number". Sealed proposals must be submitted to the Village of Pinecrest at 12645 Pinecrest Parkway, Pinecrest, Fl 33156 by the deadline of each bid. Any proposals received after the time specified, will not be accepted. 

What is Cone of Silence?

To ensure fair consideration, consistent and accurate dissemination of information for all bidders, the Village prohibits communication to or with any department, employee, or agent evaluating or considering the proposals during the submission process, except as authorized by the Procurement Division representative.

During the Cone of Silence as defined in the next paragraph, except as pursuant to an authorized appeal, no person may lobby on behalf of a competing party in a particular procurement process, Village officials or employees except the procurement designated staff contact in the Procurement Division. Violation of this provision shall result in disqualification of the party on whose behalf the lobbying occurred.

The Cone of Silence is the period between the issue date of the solicitation, which allows for immediate submittals to the Village of Pinecrest Procurement Division for an invitation for bid or the request for proposal, or qualifications, or information, or the invitation to negotiate, as applicable, and the time the city officials and employee awards the contract. Lobbying means when a person seeks to influence or attempt to influence city officials and employees, with respect to a decision of the Village, except as authorized by procurement procedures.