Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is the Village of Pinecrest conducting focus groups and a year-long happiness study?
Understanding and fostering well-being isn't just about personal satisfaction – it's about building thriving communities. From individual contentment to collective creativity and productivity, prioritizing well-being isn't just ethical; it's strategic. Communities, schools, and businesses that prioritize well-being and happiness see tangible benefits. They experience improved health outcomes, lower healthcare costs, higher employee engagement, and stronger community bonds. Moreover, this focus contributes to economic growth by boosting productivity and innovation, attracting businesses and residents who value a high quality of life.

How much does this cost and who is paying for it?
The pilot is for one year at a cost of $50,000 which the Village is funding from its general operating budget.

What are the deliverables of this project?
The Happy Pinecrest People Initiative (HaPPI) is a year-long pilot exercise with multiple phases.  Focus groups will help statisticians develop a survey that will be administered to the community in the coming months to quantify levels of happiness and to identify opportunities (programs, etc) for improving the quality of life in Pinecrest.  We later hope to measure success by administering future surveys.

What is the World Happiness Foundation?
It is a non-profit organization with the mission to build the capabilities of individuals, communities, organizations, and governments to help accelerate progress toward enhancing happiness and well-being for all people.

How can I get more involved in this?
Keep an eye out for future civic engagement opportunities that will be hosted by Pinecrest.