How to Connect to Potable Water

1- Go to the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department (MD-WASD) to initiate the process to establish a water account and new water meter. 

There are two locations
3575 South LeJeune Road, Room 114 Miami, FL 33133 
11805 SW 26 Street Room, 140 Miami, FL 33175

- Fees
Residential properties must pay a fixed water connection charge. Commercial properties will be required to show building square footage and type of use to calculate the water connection charges. See the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department schedule of water fees.

- Schedule a date for the meter installation
Before the water meter is installed, a Pinecrest plumbing permit must be obtained and all private plumbing to the point where the MD-WASD water meter will be located must be completed before the meter installation. This can be done before getting your water account, concurrent with getting your water account, or after. But you cannot get a meter from MD-WASD without having an established account with the water utility.

2- Obtain a Plumbing Permit from the Village of Pinecrest
- Submit a Pinecrest plumbing permit application in person or online
- Applicant must contract a licensed plumber
- Obtain approval from the Florida Department of Health for well abandonment or converting to irrigation
- Provide a sketch or survey showing meter location water service line and pipe details to the Pinecrest Building and Planning Department

For questions about Pinecrest permits call 305.234.2121 or email

3- After the water connection is completed
- Pinecrest will conduct a final inspection
- Pinecrest will provide a copy of the final inspection to the Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) as proof of connection
- DERM will close the Notice of Required Connection case

If your property is already connected, submit a copy of the Pinecrest plumbing permit showing the final inspection to:

DERM, Water and Wastewater Division
Luis Cediel, Engineer 1
701 NW 1st Court
Miami, FL 33136