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Published on February 02, 2024

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Accreditation Assessment Team Invites Public Comment 
An assessor from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA), will arrive March 4 to March 7 to examine all aspects of the Village of Pinecrest Police Department’s policies and procedures, management, operations, and administrative, Jason Cohen Chief of Police, announced today.

Verification by the assessor that the Pinecrest Police Department meets the Commission’s state-of-the-art standards is part of a voluntary process to gain accreditation—a highly-prized recognition of law enforcement professional excellence, he said.

As part of the on-site assessment, agency employees and members of the community are invited to offer comments at the Public Comment portal, located at or Accreditation Public Comment portal at   

The Pinecrest Police Department has to comply with 461 standards in order to gain accredited status. The assessor will interview individuals, visit offices, and other locations where compliance with CALEA standards can be observed.  

The Accreditation Manager for Pinecrest Police Department is Merlin Baglin.  She said, the assessor Chief Paul Willingham, Chief of Police at Lone Star College System Police Department will complete his review of the agency and report back to the full Commission, which will then decide if the agency is to be granted re-accreditation status. 

For more information regarding the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. please write the Commission at 13575 Heathcote Boulevard, Suite 160, Gainesville, VA. 20155-6693 or visit their website at





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