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Street Name Origins

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Agents Dove & Grogan Avenue markerAgents Dove and Grogan Avenue
The Village Council dedicated a portion of Southwest 82nd Avenue (between 120th Street and 124th Street) as Agent Jerry Dove Avenue and Agent Benjamin Grogan Avenue on May 15, 2001. The co-designation of Southwest 82nd Avenue was approved by Resolution 2001-37 adopted on May 8, 2001. Agents Jerry Dove and Benjamin Grogan made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. The two FBI agents were killed on April 11, 1986 during a gun battle in the normally quiet neighborhood. The gun battle with suspected bank robbers was described at the time as the “bloodiest day in FBI history”.

World War I aviator Victor Emmanuel ChapmanChapman Field Drive
This east-west roadway (Southwest 124th Street) is named for the former Chapman Field Army Air Base established in 1918 and is currently the site of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Research Station located on Old Cutler Road along the Village’s eastern boundary. The airfield was named for World War I aviator Victor Emmanuel Chapman. The facility was transferred by the military to the USDA in 1923.

Henry M. FlaglerFlagler Boulevard
The portion of Southwest 102nd Street, from South Dixie Highway to Southwest 74 Avenue, is named for Henry M. Flagler and is located in the Flagler Grove neighborhood. Mr. Flagler, a partner in John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company, was a wealthy industrialist who built the Florida East Coast Railway along the east coast of Florida and to the Florida Keys. He is regarded as the “father” of Miami.

Kendall Drive
This east-west roadway (Southwest 88th Street) is named for Henry John Boughton Kendall. Mr. Kendall was one of the trustees of the Florida Land and Mortgage Company. The land development company purchased from the State of Florida a vast area of land between Southwest 88th Street and Southwest 104th Street in 1883. Mr. Kendall was responsible for managing the land holdings and operating company groves in the early 1900s.

Killian Drive
This east-west roadway (Southwest 112th Street) is named for Dan Killian and his family. Mr. Killian was a prominent resident and businessman in the Kendall Area from the 1920s to 1950s. He served as a Dade County Commissioner, 1922 to 1926, and his influence is credited with the establishment of early institutional facilities in the Kendall area.

Ludlam Road
This north-south roadway (Southwest 67th Avenue) is named for pioneer Walter Ludlam. Mr. Ludlam moved from Ludlam, New York, which was named for his pioneering parents, to Miami in 1898. When a road was needed along a Tamiami Trail area neighborhood, Mr. Ludlam and his neighbors pooled their money to help fund the construction of the roadway. Dade County matched their $750 and the Dade County Commission named the road for Mr. Ludlam in 1914 in recognition of his efforts. He was proprietor of the Ludlam Transfer Company and owner of a construction business.  The roadway was designated a historic highway by the 2010 Florida Legislature.

Colonel Robert MontgomeryMontgomery Drive
This east-west roadway (Southwest 120th Street) is named after Colonel Robert Montgomery - the founder of Fairchild Tropical Garden. Colonel Montgomery was an attorney, accountant and author. Colonel Montgomery and his wife, Nell, had an avid interest in collecting palms and eventually, in 1938, donated the first eighty-three acres of land for Fairchild Tropical Gardens as well as monies for developing the plant collections.

Panther Boulevard
The portion of Southwest 118th Street, between Southwest 77th Avenue and Southwest 74th Avenue, where Miami Palmetto Senior High School is located, is co-designated as Panther Boulevard in recognition of the school’s mascot - the Florida Panther.

Pinecrest Parkway dedicationPinecrest Parkway
Governor Jeb Bush signed a bill passed by the Florida Legislature in 1999 which co-designated South Dixie Highway (US 1) within the municipal limits of the Village as Pinecrest Parkway. The bill was sponsored by State Representative John Cosgrove as a recognition of the newly incorporated municipality.

Scherr familyFranz and Louise Scherr Street
The Village Council dedicated a portion of Southwest 111th Street (between 57th Avenue and 60th Avenue) as Franz and Louise Scherr Street on January 25, 2002. The co-designation of Southwest 111th Street was approved by Resolution 2001-66 adopted on October 9, 2001. Franz and Louise Scherr started the Parrot Jungle attraction in 1936 on twenty acres of leased land on Red Road and Southwest 111th Street. Over the years, the Scherr’s purchased the property, added trails, birds, and oolitic limestone structures on the property to develop the world-famous tourist attraction which was visited since 1936 by approximately 12 million people including Sir Winston Churchill. Parrot Jungle sold the property to the Village of Pinecrest in 2002 and today it is the site of Pinecrest Gardens.

Veterans Parkway dedicationVeterans Parkway
The Village Council dedicated the portion of Southwest 79th Avenue abutting Veterans Wayside Park as Veterans Parkway on November 12, 2007 during a Veterans Day commemoration held at the park. The designation recognizes the honorable service of the men and women who have served in the armed forces of the United States.

Other Streets
Many roadways throughout the Village derive their names from the natural beauty and resources of the Village including Hibiscus Parkway (portion of Southwest 97th Street), Palmetto Road (Southwest 77th Avenue), Pine Needle Lane, Oleander Parkway (portion of Southwest 94th Street), and Tropical Way (portion of Southwest 60th Court).