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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • When can I water lawn/plants?

  • Why wasn’t my trash/recycling picked up?

  • How do I schedule a bulky waste collection?

  • Where’s the nearest dump site?

  • Who removes/replaces dead street trees?

  • Who trims landscaping blocking pathways/visibility?

  • Who maintains canal easements (i.e. fallen tree in canal, erosion)?

  • Who removes dead/live animals in the right-of-way?

  • Who removes dead/live animals (i.e. bees, raccoon, snake) on private property?

  • Who sprays for mosquitoes?

  • Who repairs traffic signals/street lights?

  • Who cuts trees under power lines/near transformers and repairs downed power lines?

  • Where do I report overgrown lot or suspicious construction?

  • Where do I report water related issues?

  • What is the gas company for this area?