Take the HaPPI Survey

Published on June 24, 2024


Pinecrest is the first city in the United States to be a City of Happiness in partnership with the World Happiness Foundation. The goal is to discover what happiness means in Pinecrest so that we can develop actionable strategies for enhancing it.

We held in-person focus groups earlier this year and are now trying to reach more residents via a Happy Pinecrest People Initiative (HaPPI) digital survey

Help us shape a happier Pinecrest by taking the fun and interactive survey

By participating, you are helping create a baseline for quality of life in Pinecrest. We plan to reassess the community periodically to see if the programs and activities we are implementing are increasing overall well-being.

Together, let’s create a thriving, happy Pinecrest for everyone.

Do you have an idea – big or small – that can enhance Pinecrest’s overall well-being? Send it to us. 

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