Peacock Mitigation Program

Published on August 10, 2023

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The Village of Pinecrest is introducing a Peacock Mitigation Program starting October 1, 2023. The program seeks to strike a balance between addressing concerns of residents who view the birds as a nuisance and respecting the sentiments of those who appreciate their presence.

The initiative aligns with Miami-Dade County regulations, permitting property owners to make decisions about peafowl on their premises while facilitating municipalities to humanely manage the population. Visit for more information about the program. 

Teaming up with Dr. Don Harris, an esteemed veterinarian specializing in avian and exotic species, Pinecrest is adopting a humane approach. Dr. Harris will conduct a low-impact vasectomy procedure on male peacocks, ensuring minimal disruption to their well-being.

Pinecrest's plan is centered around a clean, brief, and minimally invasive vasectomy procedure. This procedure preserves the birds' vibrant appearance while curbing their reproduction. The peacocks will be taken care of in a sanctuary before returning to Pinecrest within a few days.

The measure of success will be the identification of vasectomized peacocks via leg bands. This approach mirrors successful population control efforts for feral cats, where spaying or neutering, marking, and return to their original habitat has been effective. It's important to recognize that this program requires time to yield results.

The program reflects Pinecrest's aspiration to foster harmony between the peacock population and the community, catering to various residents' concerns while advocating coexistence.

In line with these efforts, residents are encouraged to avoid feeding the peacocks, which can disrupt their natural behaviors. Pinecrest's comprehensive approach reflects a community-driven commitment to resolving this issue while promoting the welfare of both residents and peacocks.



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