Pinecrest Water Vote

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Tax Calculator

Step 1: Go to the Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser’s website by clicking HERE
Step 2: Type in your address.

Water Calculator - Step 2


Step 3: Click on your folio number.

Water Calculator - Step 3


Step 4: Scroll down, and look for "City Taxable Value” in the "Taxable Value Information" table. This is your property's assessed property value.
 Water Calculator - Step 4

Step 3: Enter the “City Taxable Value” of your home in the box below to find out your average annual tax increase. 

Enter your Property Taxable Value:
Yearly Tax Increase : 0
How do you calculate the annual tax?

Assessed Property Value divided by 1,000 and then multiplied by 0.23.
$687,200 (average property value in Pinecrest) / 1,000 x .23 (millage rate) = $158 (average annual tax)