Sustainability Goal

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Environmental Sustainability Goal 

Minimize our community’s impact on the environment with increased energy efficiency and growth management policies.

The Village Council is committed to reducing the Village’s impact on the environment by modifying Village operations and setting policy for more sustainable growth and development practices for the built environment. To fulfill this goal, the Village will administer sustainable initiatives to identify strategies to be more energy efficient and to promote policies for sustainable growth as outlined in Resolution 2010-1 including adopting a Green Plan of Action and Sustainable Procedures policy to promote green procedures for environmentally preferable green products and services, a recycling program at parks and recreation facilities and in Pinecrest Gardens, staff development and training in sustainable practices, and to evaluate the current land development regulations to ensure new development, both public and private, is consistent with the Village’s desire for a more sustainable community. These strategies can be incorporated into the Village’s Comprehensive Plan update which also contains new State mandates originating from House Bill 697 to reduce green house gases.

Many of the directives in this Strategic Plan also support this general priority of sustainability by investing in the current infrastructure, continuing to provide excellent parks and accessibility to open space, increasing pedestrian safety and safer streets for walking and biking, focusing efforts to create a greater sense of community through culture and community programming, and providing fiscal sustainability.

Key Intended Outcomes

  • Investigate creating a sustainable and energy efficient land development code
  • Change operations to be more energy efficient
  • Retrofit municipal buildings for energy efficiency
  • Encourage or require more landscape of commercial corridor.
  • Maintain Tree City USA status.
  • Develop a Green Action Plan and implement the approved recommendations.

Performance Indicators

  • % reduction in energy consumption and use of natural resources for residents and businesses by measuring carbon footprint using ICLEI (International Council for Environmental Initiatives) standards.
  • % reduction in government operational related energy consumption and use of natural resources