FPL Issues

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Florida Power & Light (FPL) is proposing to expand the Turkey Point Power Plant and build new transmission line corridors related to this project, including a new 230 Kv transmission line corridor north-ward along US 1 for the entire length of the Village of Pinecrest. The proposed power poles would measure approximately 80 to 100 feet in height and approximately 4 feet in width. This new infrastructure would be significantly larger than the present poles and lines along US 1. The Village of Pinecrest has filed an agency report opposing the proposed corridor.


  • 2012-25 (Intervening in PSC Proceedings on FPL's Proposed Base Rate Hike) [PDF]
  • 2012-20 (Opposing FPL's Proposed Base Rate Hike) [PDF]
  • 2012-8 (Urging Legislature to Allow Undergrounding of Transmission Lines as Alternate Route) [PDF]
  • 2011-56 (Urging PSC to Deny Early Cost Recovery Request) [PDF]
  • 2010-13 (Opposing Transmission Lines on US 1) [PDF]
  • 2010-12 (Urging DEP to Suspend FPL's Site Certification Application) [PDF]