Elevation Drive

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As part of a public art project by Pinecrest Gardens' artist-in-residence Xavier Cortada, four intersections along Killian Drive will feature art painted by high school students. This will require the closing of the specified intersections for approximately 8 hours on the dates below beginning at 7:30 a.m.:
- Sunday, November 11th – 112 Street & 72nd Avenue
- Monday, November 12th – Entrance to Pinecrest Gardens
- Saturday, November 17th – 112 Street & 67th Avenue
- Sunday, November 18th – 112 Street & 62nd Avenue
Please note that the Pinecrest Police Department will establish detours around each intersection. For the safety of the students and participants, please observe these detours. We appreciate your patience during these dates and apologize for any inconvenience the temporary street closures may cause you and your family.
During the week of December 2nd, as part of the project, Killian Drive will become “Elevation Drive.” The art on the intersections will be augmented by the placement of small 12” X 24” markers, designed by the artist, in the public right-of-way along the road.  The Village will remove all of the markers no later than December 10th. You are welcome to keep the marker near your property if you wish. Just remove it on the evening of December 9th.

Elevation Drive Street Sign

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