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Municipal Election Information

The Village is divided into three Residential Areas. One councilmember must reside in the Northern Area (Seat 1), one in the Central Area (Seat 2) and one in the Southern Area (Seat 3). An additional councilmember (Seat 4) and the mayor shall be elected without regard to residence in any particular Residential Area. Candidates running for a particular Residential Area (Seats 1, 2 and 3) must be a resident of the Residential Area they propose to represent on the Village Council at the time of qualifying, at the time of their election and must continue to reside in such Residential Area during the term of office. For more information, view the Council Seats map [PDF].

A General Election is held in each even-numbered year on the day of the U.S. Congressional elections (the first Tuesday of November). Any candidate receiving a number of votes greater than fifty percent (50%) of the total of ballots cast shall be duly elected at such election. A Runoff Election, if necessary, shall be held on the third Tuesday of November. The ballot for the runoff election shall contain the names of the two candidates for each Council seat who received the most votes in the general election. The candidates receiving the most votes in the Runoff Election shall be duly elected.

The duly elected councilmembers shall serve a four year term that will commence at 12:00 noon on the 7th day following the certification of the election. Members of the Village Council do not receive any compensation pursuant to Section 2.6 of the Village Charter.