Call for Cypress Hall Restaurateur

Published on February 09, 2024


Pinecrest Invites Requests for Proposals for a Unique Culinary Concept in the Heart of Pinecrest Gardens

The Village of Pinecrest is thrilled to announce the opening of its Request for Proposals (RFP), inviting innovative restaurant operators to create a distinctive dining concept at Cypress Hall café, located within the historic Pinecrest Gardens.

The Village seeks a visionary partner who can blend the elements of art, nature, and culinary innovation. The ideal operator will not only excel in offering exceptional food and service but will also enhance the vibrant atmosphere of Pinecrest Gardens, making it a destination for all.

Nestled at the entrance of Pinecrest Gardens, Cypress Hall features a café and an outdoor deck that overlooks the lower gardens. Fully renovated in 2018, this versatile space is equipped with a full kitchen and is a hub of cultural and educational activities. It hosts a variety of events, from art exhibitions to classes, serving as a perfect backdrop for private events and a restaurant that embodies creativity and community spirit.

The hall's charm is further enhanced by the stunning Deep Roots Map, a floor design by renowned Miami artist Carola Bravo. This piece artistically connects the winding paths of Pinecrest Gardens with the interior of Cypress Hall, providing a unique and inspiring atmosphere for guests.

The Village is now accepting proposals to manage and operate a comprehensive food and beverage service. This includes approximately 2,897 square feet of indoor space and additional 897 square feet of outdoor seating areas, nestled amidst the natural beauty of the botanical gardens. 

This opportunity presents a chance to integrate a restaurant concept that aligns seamlessly with the artistic and serene environment of the area, catering to both visitors and residents with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. The dynamic space also caters to groups seeking to host their private events in a memorable venue.

The RFP submission deadline is 10 am on Thursday, March 7, 2024. Proposals can be submitted online.

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