Green Schools

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Education Compact


Following the blueprint established by the formation of the Educational Compacts among Miami-Dade County Public Schools, and other local general purpose governments, the School District and the Village of Pinecrest have partnered to bring together each organization's collective resources for the greater benefit of both the students and the citizens of Pinecrest.  The Village is home to five public school facilities including Pinecrest Elementary School, Howard Drive Elementary School, Palmetto Elementary School, Palmetto Middle School, and Miami Palmetto Senior High School.  Over the course of a year and a half, the Village's Education Advisory Council, made up of committed parents, community members and school administrators, worked to support the schools by developing the compact.  As a result of the collective efforts, and Educational Compact was created and adopted by the Village Council that establishes a set of goals and objectives to be met via a collaborative effort between both entities under the categories of student achievement, community and parent engagement, green schools, facilities and communication.   The commitment to environmental sustainability is evident through the goals and objectives set forth in aiming for all Pinecrest schools to become "Green Schools".


Green Schools Goals

  1. The Village and District will collaborate together in communicating efforts to "build green" making every effort to adhere to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (L.E.E.D) whenever possible. The Village will include updated project information within reports provided to the community.
  2. The District and Village will prioritize the exploration of an environmental science focused career academy at Palmetto Senior High School that will build upon current science-based offerings and further incorporate environmentally focused curriculum and activities including the Green Academy - Science Based Curriculum in an effort to retain students that typically select participation in magnet programs versus remaining in Palmetto Middle School and Miami Palmetto Senior High School.
  3. The Village and District will explore expanding curricular enhancements for Palmetto Middle School electives that prepare students for environmental science academy offerings at Miami Palmetto Senior High School.
  4. The Village and District will explore public and private funding sources for the development of an environmental science career academy.
  5. The District and Village will collaborate to build upon the current partnership with Dream In Green by expanding to additional Village schools.
  6. The Village, Village Youth Council and District will collaborate to coordinate joint environmental awareness community activities for both students and parents.
  7. The Village and District will collaborate to seek out funding to support sustainable initiatives.

Key Intended Outcomes:

• Increased awareness of green practices

• Increased implementation of green practices


• Green projects completed

• Increased number of schools participating in the Dream-in-Green Program